Meet Golden:


I, Golden Miranda was born and raised in Hopkins village. My first step in education started in the Holy Family primary School. I then moved on to Ecumenical High School where I spent four successful years. From there, I moved on to Junior college where I majored in Economics. While studying Economics, I was drawn to Tourism considering the positive economic impact it was having on my community. In 2002, I took a tour guide course in Hopkins that was been offered by Belize tourism Board.

 A year later, I was fully employed by the most popular resort known as Hamanasi. In 2005, I got married to my wife Shereene and God has blessed us with two wonderful children, Sherden and Sherilee. During my tenure, I was also awarded with awards such as (employee of the year, Top Birder, Supervisor for the Inland Guide and most of all respect from my amazing co-workers.) My ten years of experience at Hamanasi has equipped me to understand the importance of customer service in which I take pride.

I have chosen to become an ambassador and a catalyst for tourism development in Hopkins through education and example. January 2015, my wife and I decided to start our own tour business. D-Golden tours has mandate and that is make our guests happy and have an adventure of a lifetime.

I am ready to show and share with you what my grandparents taught me. Many of the information that I will share with you is through experience.


Life time local Knowledge






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My expectations for finding birds were far exceeded as Golden led us on a four hour bird watch.
We sighted over 100 species.  Golden quickly identified the bird calls with names before we actually sighted the bird.  He took us to many different settings where he knew birds would be located.  We learned that vultures eat palm nuts and watched them do this.  I would highly recommend Golden as an excellent bird watching guide."  


Phyllis Groff

What a 'golden opportunity' it was to bird watch with this special guy in a wonderful part of Belize.  We saw more birds in a few hours than we ever expected.  Golden knows the birds and where to find them."


Galen Gura G.