Jaguar Preserve and River Tubing


Jaguar Preserve

Cost: $60 USD pp

What to Bring: Bug repellant, sun screen, camera, binocular, camera, swim suit and towel.

Time: 7am to 3pm

Intensity: 2 to 3

Included: lunch, drinks


This unique sanctuary in southern Belize covers an area of about 150 square miles of tropical forest, and is the world's only Jaguar Preserve. Declared a Forest Preserve in 1984 and finally a Jaguar Preserve in 1986, the park is the culmination of many years of work and perseverance by individuals and national and international organizations.

The park area is rich in beauty, wildlife and even Maya culture; a well concealed minor Maya ceremonial site known as Chucil Baluum is typical of the Classic Period The Cockscomb Mountain Range towers over the basin to the north. The highest mountain in Belize, Victoria Peak at 3,675 feet presides over the range and offers, in its largely unexplored reaches, chances for unrivaled exploration and adventure. The fine and abundant stands of mahogany and cedar have historically been in demand throughout this area and logging here provided a staple of Belize's economy for many years. 
The terrain is dense tropical rainforest with well maintained trails, jungle canopy to 120'. Wildlife to see includes jaguar, jaguarundi, peccary, howler monkey, gibnut, agouti, snakes, coatamundi, over 300 bird species.


There are about 17 different trails that are available for hiking at the park. It is also known for 2 breath taking waterfall for swimming and a beautiful river for river tuning.


Jaguar Preserve and River Tubing


Intensity: 2

What to Bring: change of cloths, water shoes, towel


Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is recognized as the world’s first jaguar preserve. A hike through this area will lead you past spectacular waterfalls, mountain views, nature trails, and a rich diversity of exotic tropical birds. The tracks of wildcats, tapir, deer, and other wildlife can often be seen on the hiking trails, and will be pointed out to you by your guide, along the way. There are several different trails, one which leads to a smaller waterfall from which you embark on your tube, for a totally relaxing float down the river. Spend some time swimming later on and then hike back for another hour and 30 minutes.


Jaguar Preserve Night Hike

Cost: $75 USD pp

Includes: Entrance Fee, Headlamps, Cookies and Juice

Bring: Sturdy Shoes, Camera, Insect Repellent, Flashlight

Time: Departs at 4:30 (depending on Sunset) and returns approximately at 10 PM


The experience at Cockscomb is indeed a low-key one, and seeing wildlife requires patience and luck. You'll have the best chance of seeing wild animals, perhaps even a jaguar or one of the other large cats, if you go at night, preferably for several hours, in the sanctuary. You may also have better luck if you go for an extended hike with a guide.

Cockscomb Basin has native wildlife aside from the jaguars. You might see other cats—pumas, margays, and ocelots—plus coatis, kinkajous, deer, peccaries, and, last but not least, tapirs. Also known as the mountain cow, this shy, curious creature appears to be half horse, half hippo, with a bit of cow and elephant thrown in. Nearly 300 species.


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